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The Center for Recruitment and Retention of Mathematics Teachers is honored to receive a grant from the Corporation for National and Community Service and Arizona's Governor's Office for Youth, Faith, and Family.  The grant is an AmeriCorps grant called STEMM (Student Thinking Enrichment through Mathematics Mentors). The grant places 40 University of Arizona students in secondary (7th – 12th grade) mathematics classrooms during the school day to support teachers' student-centered instruction.

The college students receive training in foundational mathematics and effective tutoring and student-centered support each week by participating in Math196 A (while earning 1 mathematics credit). The college students also work with their cooperating teacher to select 3 high-need students that will receive consistent and targeted math mentoring by the college student.

STEMM also engages the teachers in the New Teacher Induction Program as math mentors for three of their high-need students, providing a more intensive level of support for those students. The New Teacher Induction teachers also receive targeted biweekly mentoring from their Induction Coaches.

The U of A students, cooperating teachers, and community members volunteer together at STEM nights throughout the community.

-More than 1000 students are impacted by the college students, including 120 students that will receive intensive mentoring.

-More than 2000 students will benefit from the New Teacher Induction teachers’ focus on better instruction through active student-centered classrooms. 60 of those students will receive intensive support in foundational mathematics.

-Therefore, 180 students will receive mentoring and more than 2000 students will receive in-class tutoring support.

During the program, U of A students will receive living expense stipends monthly and an educational award at the end of their term of service. New Teachers Induction participants will also receive a stipend.

The class, Tutoring in the Schools, Math 196a, meets on Wednesdays from 4:00 - 4:50 P.M.

The course focuses on tutoring techniques and practices as well as multiple approaches to problem solving. These college students tutor three to five hours per week in selected middle and high school mathematics classrooms and they mentor 3 to four hours per week. The cooperating classrom teachers are selected based on their enthusiasm for mathematics and teaching, their student-centered classroom environments, and their knowledge of current state standards and supported effective practices.

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