Please join the CRR in our efforts to honor James Kautz’ legacy through the James Kautz Memorial Endowment.

James Kautz retired from Goldman Sachs in 1987 and moved to Tucson in 2006.  Jim became involved in the UA Center for Recruitment and Retention of Mathematics Teachers (CRR) almost immediately upon his arrival in Tucson. He has provided advice and much-needed funds to support the outreach efforts of the CRR.

In 2012, Jim married Mary Nickerson and both Jim and Mary have been instrumental in supporting the Mathematics Educator Appreciation Day conference each year. They have been advisors to the CRR Directors and Co-Directors, regularly discussing the needs of the CRR and the services that the CRR can a provide Tucson teachers and students. Jim and Mary continued to support the CRR's efforts with generous gifts each year, along with the many other philanthropic endeavors of the Kautz Family Foundation, a foundation that is spearheaded by Jim's son Dan.  

Jim, Mary, and the Kautz Family Foundation have left a large footprint on the Tucson community. Jim passed away last year, but through a generous donation to the James Kautz Memorial Endowment, the Tucson community can come together to honor James Kautz and join with educators across Tucson in support of the CRR's outreach services to Tucson's community of teachers and schools. Support the Kautz Family Foundation by making a donation.

James Kautz

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