The Center for Recruitment and Retention of Mathematics Teachers (CRR) and the Mathematics Department at the University of Arizona will host the 



For the 2023-2024 school year, the AP Practice Exams in Statistics, Calculus AB, and Calculus BC are scheduled for

 SATURDAY, APRIL 13, 2024 (9:00am-3:00pm)

This event is FREE for ALL Arizona students due to a partnership with the Arizona Department of Education (ADE)!

Download Flyer Here

This event will be HYBRID with both in-person and online participants (registration required below).

  • IN-PERSON participants will take the practice exams at the University of Arizona campus in Tucson (location provided to registrants). 

  • ONLINE participants will take the practice exam with their teacher and join the scoring session by Zoom (link provided to teachers only).

For AP Calculus AB and BC, we will be using the 2019 Practice Exam (IPE) for both the Multiple Choice and the Free Response sections. Teachers, please DO NOT USE this exam in any other coursework or exam preparations with your students.

For AP Statistics, we will be using the 2015 Practice Exam (IPE) for both the Multiple Choice and the Free Response sections. 

Contact with any questions or to be added to the AP teacher email list. 


This event consists of two parts:

  1. Students take a full practice AP Exam (AP Calculus AB, AP Calculus BC, or AP Statistics)
  2. An afternoon Scoring Session to review the solutions and grading standards (separate session for each exam)

At the end of the day, every student will know their score (1-5) on the practice exam they took. 

IN-PERSON (9:00am-3:00pm):

For those participating in-person, the practice exams will be given in the morning and we will review the solutions and grading standards in the afternoon.

AP Practice Exam Schedule
8:20 - 8:45am Check in and Registration
8:45 - 8:50am Get to your testing room
8:50-9:00am Welcome and distribution of materials
9:00 - 10:50am Multiple Choice Exam
10:50 - 11:00am Break (water and light snacks provided)
11:00am - 12:30pm Free Response Exam
12:30 - 1:15pm Lunch (not provided; students on their own)
1:15 - 3:00pm Scoring Session

ONLINE (Scoring Session by Zoom, 1:15-3:00pm): 

For those participating online in the Scoring Session (1:15-3:00pm), it is essential that all students take the full practice exam IN ADVANCE. Facilitators will take a few minutes to provide the correct answers to the Multiple Choice problems, but the bulk of the Scoring Session will be dedicated to the Free Response section.

By hosting the Scoring Session in the afternoon, teachers and schools have the flexibility to coordinate students taking the practice exam however works best for their specific situation. For example, schools may have students sit for an in-person exam the morning of the event, and then host a viewing of the Scoring Session by Zoom in the afternoon. Or students may take the practice exam in multiple class sessions leading up to the event. Again, it is up to teachers and schools to coordinate this for their students BEFORE the Scoring Session.

Regardless of when the practice exam is administered, attending the online Scoring Session should be a group event with the teacher, NOT individual students joining from home. Teachers can choose the best way to coordinate this, but the Zoom links will NOT be provided directly to students.

Zoom links will only be provided to teachers who register for the event (details provided the week of the event). In order to keep to our schedule and to address tech issues, participants should login to the Zoom session no later than 1:00pm.


**NOTE: Due to the confidential nature of using recent AP Exams for this event, students may NOT take the practice exams home or otherwise have access to the practice exams outside of the supervision of their teacher. This means that both parts of the event (taking the exam and the Scoring Session), must happen in a “secure environment”, with all materials collected after each part. 

Here is the official language from the College Board:

  • I understand that AP Practice exams are for in-classroom use only. If the Practice Exams are administered to students in a virtual classroom or to students at home, I will make them available to students within the testing period only and will NOT post them on school or other websites. I am aware that I may incorporate questions from the AP Practice Exam into shorter assessments that I create, so long as my assessments are administered in a secure environment and test questions are only available to students during the testing period. I understand that any additional distribution or publication of the AP Practice Exam violates the College Boards copyright policies and may result in the termination of exam access for my school as well as access to other online services, such as the AP Teacher Community.