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The Center of Recruitment and Retention of Mathematics Teachers (CRR) at the University of Arizona is working to attract, develop, and support mathematics teachers through innovative programs, retaining high quality teachers in mathematics education.

Learn more about who we are and how we help our community by watching our video: Celebrating 20 Years at the CRR!

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Look into how we help our teachers and community through the events we provide. This month's sessions are listed below along with programs and events available to everyone! 

Take a sneak peek and mark your calendars for these upcoming events! Follow the links to the corresponding events page for more details, other events, and registration.  
summer institutes long
Registration for IMPACTS Summer Institute Grades K-9 and High School is now OPEN! 

Teacher teams attend a one-week institute to deeply explore the progression of learning for elementary or middle grades mathematics, working together to design site plans for professional development to share strategies and content with colleagues in their schools!

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NTI Long
Registration for the NEW Teacher Induction Program is now OPEN! 

First and second-year mathematics teachers are invited to participate as well as experienced teachers who will be teaching secondary mathematics for the first time!

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Teacher Excellence Award Winners

These teachers were nominated each year, and announced during our annual Mathematics Educator Appreciation Day Conference (MEAD)! 

2022 Award Winners

Mabel Rivera

Mabel Rivera

Congratulations to our Excellence & Resiliency in Mathematics Teaching: Mid-Career & Veteran Teachers award winner, Mabel Rivera! “Mabel Rivera is beyond exceptional in every way. Most notably, she embodies what it truly means to have students engage in meaningful, relevant, projected-based, integrated learning...She truly deserves this recognition as a role model for others and in recognition of the tremendous amount of time, effort, and passion she puts into her work.” –DaNel Hogan, Mentor.


Delia Sotelo O'Campo

Congratulations to our Excellence & Resiliency in Mathematics Teaching: Early Career award winner, Delia Sotelo O'Campo! “Ms. Sotelo looks for new and different ways to teach concepts, to capture all her students' learning styles. She differentiates her lessons and provides intervention support as needed...she truly is an innovator, encourager, and leader here at Mission View Elementary.” –Sandra Calkins, Administrator

Zoom Tutor Spotlight 

Hear from some of our Student Tutors and why they choose to volunteer! The CRR provides FREE Zoom Tutoring through the AmeriCorps STEMM program. Want to find a tutor or volunteer yourself? Click the links for more!

Zoom tutor

"I serve because I believe every student is a math person. Their math identity is 90% of the battle. Students deserve to feel confident in their effort for learning." - Crystal

Zoom Tutor Mariana

"I serve because every student deserves to feel confident in their ability to do math." - Kiersten 

Zoom Tutor

"I serve because it is my passion to help students expand their math knowledge and feel confident and capable in themselves and their abilities. Teaching/tutoring is singlehandedly the most fulfilling experience for me." - Alyssa