Kaela DeArmond

Kaela DeArmond

Congratulations to our Excellence & Resiliency in Mathematics Teaching: Early Career award winner, Kaela DeArmond with Arredondo Elementary Tempe ESD!

Teaching is not just a career, but it is also an art and a calling. Some teachers, early in their career, stand out as innovators, encouragers, and leaders. We wish to recognize those teachers new to teaching (1st 5 years) that are regularly taking risks, trying new ideas, learning from them,  and eventually seeing success, as well as encouraging their colleagues to try new ideas and join them in these efforts.

“Kaela’s enthusiasm and willingness to take risks and share her learning is what truly encourages her colleagues to do the same.” “She collaborates with her colleagues as well as school and District Math coaches. She is also willing to learn right along with the students. In her classroom, mistakes really are learning opportunities for everyone.”

Lisa Johnson

Lisa Johnson

Congratulations to our Excellence & Resiliency in Mathematics Teaching: Mid-Career & Veteran Teachers award winner, Lisa Johnson from Coyote Trails Elementary Marana USD!

Teachers are leaders from the classroom! Mid-career and Veteran teachers try new ideas and bring others along as they take risks and learn from those risks. They allow their classrooms to be fertile testing grounds for innovation, and their team meetings or interactions with other teachers can be a platform for encouraging others to join them in efforts to innovate. We wish to recognize these creative teachers.

“She is a leader that encourages others as easily as she shares and receives feedback on her own teaching skills.  She serves on a leadership team ensuring that quality instruction is taking place in all of our classrooms.”


We will miss you Fred, our Friend and Founder


Fred the founder

The CRR is sorry to share the news that the founder of the CRR, Dr. Fred Stevenson, has passed away from this world. We are incredibly saddened by this news. In this time that many mourn, we celebrate the life of a truly great man. Fred contributed to mathematics in so many ways, but possibly the most profound way was to mentor many mathematics educators in K-12 education!

He was a leader in the field of Mathematics outreach, connecting and encouraging the Southern Arizona mathematics education community. He inspired many teachers to reach further, risk more, and reach every student. No one was invisible to Fred! He changed the face of education in Southern Arizona, and his legacy continues through the Center he founded. Fred, we endeavor to live up to the immense standards you set, we strive to honor your memory in all we do, and we celebrate the incredible legacy you left.

Farewell, Dr. Fred Stevenson!

Fred’s family suggests that friends who want to remember him may contribute a donation to the CRR in his name.

Now Serving All of Arizona!!

ADE Partnership

“Now more than ever, our state needs highly qualified teachers who can teach core subjects like Mathematics. The Center’s work dedicated to this endeavor has helped accelerate students achievement, and will be a great asset as the state continues to recover from lingering impacts of the pandemic.” – Arizona Superintendent of Public Instruction, Kathy Hoffman.

The Center for Recruitment and Retention of Mathematics Teachers (CRR) has provided excellent professional development opportunities for teachers in Southern Arizona for over 20 years. With this new partnership with the Arizona Department of Education (ADE), we will now be able to offer our services state-wide in support of our mission to ensure that every student has a highly qualified mathematics teacher.  

This partnership will allow us to provide free online and hybrid training opportunities to all K-12 Arizona teachers of Mathematics. Free workshops will be designed to deepen teachers' mathematical understanding, promote hands-on, student-centered lessons, examine alternative ways to present particular topics, including using technology, develop effective pedagogical practices, and model effective teaching.

The Center will also host the annual Mathematics Educator Appreciation Day Conference (MEAD) for PreK-14 educators in January.

You can find a news story about the partnership at KOLD: https://www.kold.com/2020/09/21/arizona-department-education-announces-partnership-support-free-math-professional-learning-teachers-statewide/

[UPDATE: February 2021] Arizona Superintendent of Public Instruction, Kathy Hoffman acknowledged the importance of our statewide partnership with ADE by recognizing the CRR and the MEAD Conference in her State of Education Address, as well as her State of Special Education Address

[UPDATE: August 2022] ADE has extended its partnership with the CRR until fall 2024! This means all of Arizona's teachers can continue to benefit from CRR's services for two more school years!

The Center for Recruitment and Retention of Mathematics Teachers (CRR) at the University of Arizona was created in August 2001 to address the shortage of qualified mathematics teachers at the middle and high school levels. Its goals are to retain mathematics teachers currently in the field and to attract mathematically talented college students to the teaching profession. Towards this end the Center coordinates several projects, including a New Teacher Induction Program, a Tutor Scholar Program to attract college students into mathematics education, teacher workshops, and an annual Mathematics Educators Appreciation Day Conference (MEAD) for teachers, grades preK-16. These and other projects are described in the pages linked in the menu above.

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The CRR partners with the Secondary Mathematics Education Program to engage Mathematics Majors in programs that provide valuable experiences in the classroom. The Secondary Mathematics Education Program has internships and scholarships for interested students.