HEMS Seminars

The Herbst Family Foundation, created by Lee and Arthur Herbst, provides an endowment to CRR to provide Saturday workshops for elementary, middle, and high school teachers. These Herbst Enrichment Mathematics Seminars (HEMS) are taught by exemplary classroom teachers who present meaningful content and model excellent teaching strategies. Due to the generosity of Lee and Arthur Herbst, teachers from partnership schools/districts receive stipends for their participation.

PLEASE NOTE: Teachers from non-partner schools will incur a fee in order to attend workshops, and they will not receive a stipend for their attendance.  

HEMS: The Beginnings of Number Sense: Why it Matters and How to Nurture it

by Elisabeth Bankhead


Description: Young students have a natural wonder of mathematics and how it shapes their view of the world.  Their discovery of the quantity of objects is just as exciting for them as the object itself. Yet how do we, as teachers, keep that wonder and excitement alive as they learn mathematical concepts such as counting, quantity, estimating, number identification, more or less, addition, subtraction, etc.  What is the natural process of acquiring this knowledge? And how can we, as teachers, use this process to benefit students now and in future mathematical endeavors?

In this workshop, we will explore and define natural learning trajectories and how they integrate and work with the standards.  We will analyze how we as teachers can use this to create a solid foundation for higher mathematical learning through subitizing, number talks, and other strategic activities.


Presenter: Elisabeth Bankhead is a Kindergarten teacher in the Altar Valley School District and is an IMPACTS Teacher Leader

Date: Saturday - February 16, 2019

Time: 8:30 AM- 12:30 PM

Location: UofA Tucson Campus: TBD


This workshop will focus on Pre-K to 2nd Grade Standards.  This session requires teachers to show evidence of implementation of your learning from the workshop in their classroom. In addition to professional development certificates (5 hours), participants will receive a $30 stipend due to the generosity of Lee and Arthur Herbst.


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HEMS: Building Student Conceptual Understanding With Manipulatives To Conquer Middle School Math

by Jennifer Thompson and Heidi Sweet


Description: Come and grow your own knowledge by participating in two workshops full of investigations, sorts, and activities that promote mathematical discourse and flexible thinking for the middle school classroom through hands-on learning. The Number System domain and the Expressions and Equations domain are fundamental to future success in mathematics.  The use of manipulatives to discover and formulate mathematical understanding of rules surrounding integers, expressions, and equation solving is fun, engaging, and content enriching for both students and teachers. The primary focus of the November session will be investigating integers. The December session will be a progression through expressions and equations.



Jennifer Thompson has been teaching middle school math at Flowing Wells Junior High for longer than her students have been alive (20 years).  Heidi Sweet has 24 years of teaching experience, including teaching both elementary and middle school mathematics students in Phoenix and Tucson. Heidi and Jennifer have been instructional coaches for pre-service student teachers and teachers beginning their careers. They have also emphasized the use of real-world problems with their students and have been a vital part of their school’s curriculum development.


Presenters: Jennifer Thompson & Heidi Sweet

Date: Saturday - November 3, 2018 Time: 8:30 AM- 12:30 PM

Date: Saturday - December 8, 2018 Time: 1:00 PM- 5:00 PM

Location: UofA Tucson Campus: TBD


This is a two-part series focused on Middle School Mathematics. $50 stipends will only be provided to teachers who participate in both sessions. Please only register if you can attend both sessions.  In addition to professional development certificates (9 hours), participants will receive a stipend due to the generosity of Lee and Arthur Herbst.


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HEMS: Investigations in the High School Mathematics Classroom!

by Jennifer North Morris (9/15/18) and Sara Thompson (9/29/18)


Description: High School Students love to be challenged and motivated. Providing students with an Investigation allows them to think, discover, discuss, and assess their mathematical skills in a challenging and motivational way. In this workshop we will use Investigations to get to the fundamental High School Algebra & Geometry concepts that will help develop mathematical reasoning and problem-solving skills in our students. You will fold, construct, slide, and play to make conjectures! Experience geometry and algebra through the eyes of students by discovering concepts with your colleagues. Bring your favorite teaching tools to share and create some new investigations for your classroom to cover high school geometry and algebra standards.


September 15: Jennifer North Morris is a is a mathematics teacher whose innovation in the classroom has inspired numerous teachers throughout the country through her conference presentations, workshops and webinars. She is currently teaching at Marana High School in the Tucson area where she is a curriculum leader in her department incorporating innovative lessons into the mathematics classroom. Her experience with incorporating technology into the mathematics curriculum began in 1990 with graphing calculators and continues today with multiple platforms as her school implements one to one technology. Jennifer continues to share her expertise via workshops including topics from integrating technology, instructional strategies, and the conceptual development of mathematics.


September 29: Sara Thompson is an 8th grade math teacher at Andersen Jr. High in the Chandler Unified School District. She has taught 8th grade pre-algebra, honors algebra, and honors geometry for the past 20 years, 16 years in WI and now 4 years in AZ. In addition to teaching in the classroom, Sara is also a Teacher Leader and Math Coach for College Preparatory Math. She facilitates workshops and conducts classroom visits for teachers just starting out with the CPM curriculum. Sara loves to collaborate and communicate with other teachers in an effort to create more math classrooms filled with problem solving, perseverance, and mathematical discourse among students.


Presenter:     Jennifer North Morris

Date:         Saturday - September 15, 2018

Time: 8:30 AM- 12:30 PM

Location: UofA TBD


Presenter:     Sara Thompson

Date:         Saturday - September 29, 2018

Time: 8:30 AM- 12:30 PM

Location: UofA TBD


This is a two-part series focused on High School Mathematics. Stipends will only be provided to teachers who participate in both sessions. Please only register if you can attend both sessions.  In addition to professional development certificates (9 hours), participants will receive a stipend due to the generosity of Lee and Arthur Herbst.

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HEMS: More Workshops announced soon!


We are very grateful for the continued guidance and support from Lee and Arthur Herbst.

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