Mathematics Educator Appreciation Day Conference (MEAD)

15th Annual Mathematics Educator Appreciation Day Conference
Saturday, January 26, 2019

The conference and luncheon are completely FULL and registration is closed!

Announcing the 2019 Keynote Speaker: Dr. Dan Meyer, Chief Academic Officer at Desmos, where he explores the future of mathematics, technology, and learning. He speaks and works with teachers all around the globe, and was named one of Tech & Learning's 30 Leaders of the Future.

The MEAD Conference will be held at Tucson High Magnet School, 400 N. 2nd Ave, Tucson AZ.

The keynote luncheon will be held immediately afterwards at the UA Recreation Center, 1400 E. 6th Street.

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Conference details will be emailed to participants in January.

Below are all sessions being offered this year, along with session time, grade level, and presenter.

We have invited presenters to work together to create strands, where participants are able to dive deeper into certain topics!

For detailed descriptions of sessions, open this PDF: PDF iconSession_Descriptions.pdf

A Sessions: 8:00-8:50am
A01: General FULL
Getting Groups to Work: Introduction to Complex Instruction
Marcy Wood and James Smith
A02: pK-2 FULL
Harmonizing Problem Solving and Place Value in pK-2: Classroom Strategies that Really Work
Kimberly Rimbey
Numbers and Blocks
Michelle Pienta and Sarah Schneider
A04: Grades 6-12
Introduction to the Desmos Graphing Calculator
Shelley Carranza and Larissa Peru
A05: 9-12
Connecting the Abstract and the Concrete: Volume Using Disk Method
Kim Thomas and Veronica Carlson
A06: 11-CC
Shift Up, Down, Left, Right? Stretch, Shrink, Reflect? (A Data Collection Activity)
Bruce MacMillan
A07: 6-8
Piloting the Brain for the Road Trip
Cynthia Dancil and Mazalina Marshall
Piecing it All Together: Coherence Mapping
Kristen Henninger
A09: K-2
Game On! Increase Number Sense and Problem Solving with Coding
Allison Davis
A10: 6-8
Ratio Reasoning through Model Drawing
Angela Nelson
A11: 3-5
Fraction Dice Activities
Karen Couch-Murphy and Mayra Vera
A12: 6-12 FULL
Fun with Shapes, Area, and Volume: Real-World Geometry
Rebecca McGraw
A13: 6-12 FULL
The Art and Anarchy of Math Disruption: Tools for Responsive Mathematics Educators
C. Billy Campbell
A14: 3-5
Growing Math with Gardens
Anne Warner
A15: 3-5
Empowering Emerging Bilingual Students Through Culturally Responsive and Inclusive Mathematics Practices
Lufei Lin
A16: General
Let's Talk Numbers!
Kristin Stutzman and Melissa Wilburn
A17: General
Conceptual? Procedural? Wait...What?!?
Carrie Burdon and Edilia Tipton
A18: K--5
Number Talks: Introduction for the Primary Teacher
Ashley Breen, Claudia Villa, and Juana Taite
A19: 3-5
Fraction Frenzy: Activities to Build Conceptual Understanding
Eboney McKinney
A20: 3--8
Powerful Parachutes
Niki Tilicki
A21: General
Origami Is Math In Action
Stephanie Rojas and Jenn Schilling
A22: K-2
Building Classroom Culture and Equity through Number Talks
Julie Allen and Courtney Shadlock
A23: 3-8
Fraction Manipulatives for Multiplication and Division
Ingrid Scarpitta
A24: 9-12
Algebra Tiles... Let's call them TOOLS, not toys.
Sara Thompson
A25: 3-5
Bringing Decimals to Life! Strategies to Help Students Conceptualize Decimals
Angel Rose and Regina Bedoya
A27: 9-12
Dream it! Build it! Using Desmos Computational Layer
Gregory Epstein
A28: 6--12
NextGen Personal Finance
Michele Bentivegna
B Sessions: 9:00-9:50am
B01: K-5
20 Days to CI - Lessons Learned from Setting Up a CI Classroom.
Maggie Hackett, Marcy Wood, Ginny Wheeler, and Jennifer Valentine
B02: 2-6
The Ten-Frame Grows Up: Using the Infinite Ten Frame for Small and Large Numbers and Operations
Kimberly Rimbey
B03: K-5
Light It Up!
DaNel Hogan
B04: 6-12
Introduction to Desmos Activities
Shelley Carranza and Larissa Peru
B05: 11-CC
Ideas, Problems, and Activities for the Calculus Classroom
Bruce MacMillan
B06: 6-12
Transforming Transformations – Let’s Move It!
Betty Gasque and Judy Hicks
B07: General
Voting in 2022: Who Gets to Draw the Lines?
Deb Hughes Hallett
B08: General FULL
Escape Room and Modeling Workshop
Jaime Hill
B09: K-5
Computer Science + Mathematics + Social & Emotional = Curiosity and Enjoyment in the K-5 Classroom
Suzi Mast
B10: General
Can You Hear the Words that are Coming Out of my Mouth?
Angela Nelson
B11: 6-12
An Introduction to Algebra Tiles and their Use in Simplifying Expressions and Solving Equations
Maricruz Zepeda-Wilson and Stephanie Bowyer
B12: 6-8
Shapes that Create
Leticia Lozano
Mathematics in the Elementary Science Classroom
Theodore Thorp, Kaleigh Cicero, and Michelle Pienta
B14: 11-12, CC
Inverse function Theorem (and Others) via Graph Switching
Antonio Rubio
B15: General
Language- Rich Mathematics Classroom = Greater Equity, Learning and Engagement
Jane Gaun
B16: 6-12 FULL
Magical Mathematical Creativity
Justin Powell
B17: 3-5
Building a Fraction Sense Foundation
Dana Islas and Cassidy Hill
B18: 6-8
Making it Real in Math Class: Entry Points into Experimentation
Rebeka Denson and Shawn Hedayati
B19: 6-12 FULL
"They Just Won't Try:" Implementing Practices that Engage Learners
Robert Hilliker
B20: K-2 FULL
"Lights, Camera, Action!"- Integrating Movement and Technology Into Primary Math
Lauren Neumaier and Jennifer Blake
B21: General FULL
Forget Showing Your Work!! Perform it!!
Traci Ogden
B22: General
2+1 Practical Mathematical Strategies in your Students' Toolbox
Elisabeth Bankhead
B23: 3-5
Every Student Can Be a Problem Solving Detective
Agi Post
B24: K-2
Number Flexibility in the Younger Grades
Samantha Reynolds
B25: K-5
Subitizing, not Supersizing!
Carolyn Reliford and Judy Lacount
B26: 6-12 CANCELED
Getting Rid of the Unfair Zero: Standards-Based Assessments and Rubrics in the Math Classroom
Joe Werner
B29: 3-5
Making Mathematics Curriculum More Culturally Responsive: A Classroom Example with Folklorico
Maura Varley Gutierrez and Grace Tapia-Beltran
C Sessions: 10:00-10:50am
C01: 6-8
From Lab School to the School Year: Implementing Access & Equity Practices in the Middle School Mathematics Classroom
Maggie Hackett, Jen Eli, Melody Salcido, and Georgina Quihuis
C02: 4-8 FULL
Make Math Meaningful: Valuable Visuals That Connect Fractions and Decimals
Kimberly Rimbey
C03: General
Binary Math Magic
DaNel Hogan
C04: 6-12
Introduction to Desmos Activities
Shelley Carranza
C05: 9-12
How to Host a Family STEM/STEAM Night
Veronica Carlson and Kim Thomas
C06: 9-12
Lights, Camera, ACTion! Preparing for the ACT®
Betty Gasque and Judy Hicks
C07: General
The Wealth Gap Task - Helping Student Read the World
Linda Fulmore
C08: 9-12
Inequality and Health a Mathematical Perspective
Charles Collingwood and Marlee Raniere
C09: K-2 FULL
Number Ninjas: Building Number Sense in K-2
Amy Hawkins and Meghan Gulley
C10: K--5
Number Talks Mean Math Talk
Yolanda Everett and Cynthia Avery
C11: 3-5
Using Model Drawings with Fractions
Nancy Casagrande
C12: 6-8 FULL
Shhh... Silent Board Games and Patterns... Making sense of y=mx+b.
Sara Thompson and Wendi Unruh
C13: 6-12
Pokémon are More Interesting than Watermelons
C. Billy Campbell
C14: 2
Number Talks in Grade 2
Rita Simonton and Antonia Gant
C15: 9-12, CC
Vectors in Geometry and in the World
William Faris
C16: 6-12
Forward Progress for ALL Students: Key Strategies for Secondary Teachers
Amy McDonald and Harold Campbell
C17: K-5
Econ in Elementary School is a Thing!
Julie Groce
C18: 6-8
Slope it Up!
Andrea Meyer, Tara Tracy, Cory Lambson, and Katie Johnson
C19: 6-8
Patterns & Visualization in Middle School Mathematics
Jen Hendrickson, Brandon Dennison, and Matt Kornacki
C20: 3-8
Teaching Math Affectionately
Niki Tilicki
C21: K-5
Lets Talk Numbers!
Shannon Marchal, Carmela Zega, Terrine DeFoor, and Mary Paris
C22: General
Connecting the Disciplines: Utilizing Precision of Language to Deepen Mathematical Understanding
Janet Acree and Janine Tech
C23: 6-8
Middle School Chance Experiements
Robin Maxey and Stacy Bansback
C24: 6-12
Lollipops and Random Sampling
Patrick Hopfensperger
C25: 6-12
Creating and Assessing Fluency in Mathematics
Aliceson Smith
C26: 3-5
Building Numerical Reasoning Though Number Talks and Trajectories
Roby Althaus and Nancy Hayes
C27: General
Haddie Nuff Paper
Sharon Newman
D Sessions: 11:00-11:50am
D01: General FULL
Mathematical Superheroes: Creating a Justification League in your Classroom
Marcy Wood and Jennifer Eli
D02: K-5 FULL
What Makes Value-Counting Money so Difficult? Innovative Strategies for 1st-5th Grade Problem Solving with Money
Kimberly Rimbey
D03: 9-12
Toss, Jump, Break: Engage Students with Data
Jennifer North Morris
D04: 6-12
Introduction to Building Desmos Activities
Shelley Carranza and Larissa Peru
D05: 9-12
Limits and l’Hospital – Learning Through Visualization
Kim Thomas and Veronica Carlson
D06: 6-12
Coding and Geometry- a Winning Combination!
Judy Hicks and Betty Gasque
D07: 6-12
Have a Great Idea? Find a Grant to Make It Happen
Linda M. Fulmore
D08: K-2
It is Never Too Early to Learn About Finances
Kristen Henninger
D09: 11-12, CC
ArtMath Collaborative Project in College Algebra Classes
Elizabeth Lugosi
D10: General
Number Talks Rock!
Elizabeth Hernandez and Lori Ramirez
D11: K-2
Time to Subitize!
Nancy Casagrande
D12: General
Teaching With a Twist: Using Rubik’s Cubes in the Classroom.
Christina Loria
D13: General
Complex Instruction 2.0
Jennifer Kinser-Traut, Maggie Denham, and Graciela Barraza
D14: 9-12
Real Data in the AP Statistics Classroom - Let the Students Make a Mess!
Liz Warner
D15: 6-8
We Like To Move It! Move It!
Heidi Sweet and Jennifer Thompson
D16: 3-5
Math is Universal: Bridging the Experience Gap for All Students
Brandon Smith
D17: 6-8
Hexaflexability -- using origami to introduce or review slope
Brie Finegold
D18: 3-8
Meeting the Demand!
Tara Guerrero and Lauren Daniels
D19: 6-12
So You've Decided to Give Standards Based Grading a Try...
Cynthia Bowman and Ellen Sizemore
D20: 3-5
Awesome Algebra
Niki Tilicki
D21: K-5
Talk Some Sense into Me!
Teal Reinhardt and Marta Herrera
D22: 3-5 FULL
Using Manipulatives to Explore Mathematics
Sarah Kirshbaum, Deborrah Black, and Katherine McDonald
D23: K-2
Subitizing not Supersizing Math
Judy LaCount and Carolyn Reliford
D24: K-2 FULL
Fun with Math: How to Increase Number Sense, Fluency, and Confidence with Math Games
Lori Valentine and Jaime Drobeck
D25: 6-8
Language in Math (Spanish and Math Development)
Ilyssa Whitehead
D26: 6-12, CC
Creating Mathematics in the Secondary and Undergraduate Classroom
Madhav Kaushish
D27: 9-12
Desmos - Another Look at Systems
Sharon Newman
D28: 6-12
Using Coding to Create Geometric Art
Daniel Schneider

Presenters and educators from our partnership schools and districts (see partners listed below) attend at no additional cost as long as registration is received by midnight Wednesday, January 9, 2019.


7:30 - 8:00 am: Check in and Continental Breakfast

8:00 - 8:50 am: Session A

9:00 - 9:50 am: Session B

10:00 - 10:50 am: Session C

11:00 - 11:50 am: Session D

*Check in, breakfast, and sessions will be held at Tucson High Magnet School*

12:30 - 2:30 pm: Luncheon and Keynote at UA Recreation Center

Thank your school and district leadership for their continued support.

The registration fee for teachers from NON-PARTNER schools is $125. You may complete your registration by paying your fee by credit card using this Eventbrite link HERE.

Or, write a check, PO, or money order payable to University of Arizona. Write "MEAD Conference 2019" on the memo line. The check should be mailed to:

Rodrigo Gutierrez

Department of Mathematics

University of Arizona

617 North Santa Rita

Tucson, AZ 85721-0089

(520) 621-6866

(520) 621-8322 (FAX)

Your session choices will be scheduled once payment is received. Some sessions fill quickly so we urge you to remit payment quickly.

Conference sessions will be in the Tucson High School Technology Building on the corner of 6th St. and Euclid Ave. There is no parking in the THMS parking lots, other than disability parking. We HIGHLY recommend that conference participants park at the 6th Street Garage (1101 E. 6th St.) as it is centrally located between Tucson High and the UA Student Rec Center.  All three locations are within walking distance of each other. The walk from THMS to the UA Student Rec Center is approximately 15 minutes. Other great parking options are the “South of Six” surface parking lots that are also centrally located between the two conference destinations.  Tyndall Garage is another option on 4th Street, between Euclid Ave and Tyndall Ave. Be sure not to park in the 1 hour parking spots. This is a short 6 minute walk to THMS and ideal if you are not attending the Keynote Luncheon.

For those that need disability access to THMS, there will be a small lot available to those with disabilities or special needs on 6th Street at 2nd Ave. Any car parking at THMS MUST LEAVE CAMPUS immediately after the morning conference sessions. The parking lot gates will be locked at 12:30pm, and will not reopen until Monday morning.

If you are driving to the Keynote Luncheon, there are also some surface street parking lots east of the UA Student Recreation Center and Mansfeld Middle School will be available for TUSD teachers.  The 6th Street Garage is still the best location for the majority of participants. Please leave the lot south the the Student Recreation Center available for those with disabilities or need special assistance. Walk on to campus at 7th Street and EUclid. Registration folders can be picked up in the cafeteria beginning at 7:00 AM. Your name tag, session tickets, raffle tickets, lunch ticket, and Certificate of Attendance will be included in your folder. Raffle Prizes will be on display in the cafeteria. Tickets must be deposited in chosen cups by the beginning of the 3rd session. Many prize winners will be announced at the end of the 3rd session. Grand Prize winners will be announced at the luncheon. You must be present to win. Continental Breakfast will be served in the lobby of the Technology Building beginning at 7:30 AM. Vendors will have displays in the lobby.

Thank you to Texas Instruments for your sponsorship of the MEAD 2019 breakfast!

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