Mathematics Educator Appreciation Day Conference (MEAD)

14th Annual Mathematics Educator Appreciation Day Conference
Saturday, January 20, 2018


Announcing the 2018 Keynote Speaker: Dr. Sandra Crespo, co-author of NCTM's Smarter Together! Collaboration and Equity in the Elementary Math Classroom.

The MEAD Conference will be held at Tucson Magnet High School, 400 N. 2nd Ave, Tucson AZ. **The luncheon will be held at the University of Arizona Student Union**

Click here for a map of venues and parking: mead2018-map_and_directions.pdf

Thank you to Texas Instruments, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, and Mind Research for their sponsorship of the MEAD breakfast and luncheon!


Below are all sessions being offered this year, along with session time, grade level, and presenter.

Something special this year: We have invited presenters to work together to create strands, where participants are able to dive deeper into certain topics!

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PDF iconSession_Descriptions.pdf

Strand Key
Social Justice Complex Instruction TI-84 Activity TI-Nspire Activity
Modeling Number Talks DESMOS Active Learning HS and College
A Sessions: 8:00-8:50am
A01: K-5 (FULL)
Button Up Understanding
DaNel Hogan (STEMAZing)
A02: 2-6
Friends With Math
Brandon Smith
A03: K-8
Buttons, can you use them in a sentence?
Leticia Lozano (STEMAZing)
A04: General(FULL)
Introduction to Smarter Together! Using Groupwork to Address Participation
Marcy Wood
A05: K-4
Beyond the Algorithm: Addition and Subtraction Strategies that Make Sense!
Kimberly Rimbey
A06: General
Good Intentions Aren't Good Enough: Courageous discussions around mathematics
Heather Lindfors-Navarro
A07: 6-8
Math Task: Can You Figure it Out?
Marcos Davila
A08: 6-12
Social Justice Mathematics for Engagement and Empowerment
C. Billy Campbell
A09: 6-12, General
Supplementing Teacher Preparation in Mathematics: Teaching experiences of Noyce Interns in the Algebra Academy
Jose Fonseca and Noyce Interns
A10: General
Desmos for Beginners 
Sharon Newman
A11: 6-12
I Didn’t Know It Could Do That! (My Favorite Features of the TI-84 Plus CE)
Betty Gasque
A12: 6-12
Transformational Geometry in under 15 seconds?- Really!
Judy Hicks
A13: 9-12
The Magic of the Quadratic Equation Comes to Life
Charles Collingwood
A14: 3-12
Developing Students' Thinking Skills Undoubtedly Improves School Performance.
Fortunato Rolando Meneses Ramos
A15: K-2
Math Through the Eyes of a K-2 Learner
Rachel Fernandez
A16: 9-12(FULL)
Teaching Math Through Projects
Lauri Douglass
A17: K-5 (FULL)
It's a Game Thing: Addition & Subtraction Learning Games
Nancy Casagrande
A18: 9-12, CC
Building a Conceptual Understanding of Area Under the Normal Curve
Amanda Ross
A19: 6-8
Absolute Integers
Betsy Mays
A20: 6-12
We Like to Move It, Move It!
Heidi Sweet
A21: 3-5 (FULL)
Fraction Sense with Paper, and Tiles, and Rods...OH MY!
Cathrine Zbonack
A22: General
Pens in Math Class: and other mindset strategies
Nova Kline
A23: K-5
Playing with Place Value
Tanya Jansen
A24: K-5
Building Blocks for Mathematical Understanding  
Joan Jurik
A25: K-5 (FULL)
Number Talks: 15 min to Number Sense and Fluency
Carrie Burdon
A26: K-12
Let's Draw Equations
Angela Rico
A27: Special Ed
Vertical Alignment for SPED
Dawn Dolinski
A30: 6-8
The math of Khan not the wrath of Khan!
Carman Ryken
B Sessions: 9:00-9:50am
B01: K-5 (FULL)
Beads for Building Understanding
DaNel Hogan (STEMAZing) 
B02: 2-6
The Three I's to Mathematize Anything
Brandon Smith
B03: 6-8
Honey, I shrunk myself!
Leticia Lozano
20 days to Smarter Together: Moving Your Students toward Productive Participation
Marcy Wood
B05: 3-6 (FULL)
Beyond the Algorithm: Multiplication and Division Strategies that Make Sense!
Kimberly Rimbey
B06: General
Taking Leadership for Social Justice in Mathematics
Linda Fulmore
B07: 6-12
Algebra Tiles: Not just for Factoring! Connecting Area, Perimeter and Algebraic Expressions
Sharon Rendon
B09: 6-12, General
The Algebra Academy: Lessons learned over 11 years of rockets and the teaching of math!
Rudy McCormick
B10: 6-12 (FULL)
Desmos Activities
Gregory Epstein
B11: 6-8
Data, Data, Everywhere! Swim, Don't Sink!
Betty Gasque
B12: 9-12, CC
Exploring the Finance App – Quantitative Reasoning in High School
Kim Thomas
Equations on the Number Line- So easy!
Janelle Chisholm
B14: General
Did you really mean what you said?
Nora Ramirez
B16: 9-12, CC (FULL)
Rejuvenating Mathematics Through Active Learning: PreCalculus and Calculus
April Strom
B17: 9-12
Putting the Language Back in Math
Philip Brown
B18: 6-8
Probability Fair, students learning probability through carnival games
Carman Ryken
B19: 6-8
Like Terms? What is that?: Using novel tools to build students' success
Kelly Hawley
B20: 4-8  (FULL)
The Devil's Bridge
Catherine Parker (STEMAZing)
B21: K-5  (FULL)
Student thinking + visuals = math fun and mastery!!
Suzi Mast
B22: 3-5
Building Number Sense through Number Talks
Beatriz Leyva
B23: K-5
Patterns, Algebraic Thinking, and Functions for Elementary Students, Say What?!
Deirdre Calhoun
B24: K-5
Model Drawing: Supporting successful problem solvers
Lina Szabo
B25: K-2
"Sensible" Ways To Teach Number Sense
Jennifer Jennifer
B26: K-2
Making Sense of Modeling or MP4U
Lori Valentine
B27: K-2
Mini Mathematician Magic
Susan LaValley
B28: K-8
How to Plan Differentiation with Leveled Scales
Melanie LiCausi
B29: General
Star Tug-of-Wars
Omar Sotelo
C Sessions: 10:00-10:50am
C01: K-5 (FULL)
Fostering High Math Achievement for All Elementary Students: Practical Help Differentiating Instruction
Amy McDonald
Make education a “way to”, not a “way out”: lessons from work in communities around the world
Chadd McGlone
C03: 6-12
UA Updates:  A New Math Class, New Math Placement Procedures, and a Math Course for Advanced Students
Tina Moore
Improving Your Teacher Moves: Helping Your Students Get the Most from Your Lessons
Marcy Wood
C05: 4-8 (FULL)
Decimals are Fractions, Too! Helping Students Connect Fraction and Decimal Understanding
Kimberly Rimbey
Rosy's Rule: A Student's Demonstration of Coherence
Heather Lindfors-Navarro
C07: 6-12
Tools, not Toys - Using Algebra Tiles for factoring and beyond!
Sharon Rendon
C08: 9-12
Creating a Classroom Community of Active Learners in Calculus
James Vicich
C09: 6-12 (FULL)
Hands-On Geometry with Polydrons and Geoboards
Rebecca McGraw
C10: 9-12
Advanced Desmos
Gregory Epstein
C11: 6-12
STEM Activities: A Powerful Path to Growth for All Students
Judy Hicks
C12: 9-12
Get Students Energized with Graphing Technology
Veronica Carlson
Proportional Reasoning Made Easy
Janelle Chisholm
C14: General
Differences in Language and Culture Impact Equity, Access, and Empowerment- Right?
Nora Ramirez
C15: K-5 (FULL)
Exploring the Place Value Progression Through Purposeful Activities
Karen Couch-Murphy
C16: General [CANCELED]
Visualization/Smart Guessing: Pedagogical tools to develop conceptual understanding to solve equations.
Jose Fonseca
C17: 6-8
Culturally Relevant Contexts in Mathematical Modeling
Aliceson Smith
C18: 6-8
Building your Problem Solving Muscles: It is not as easy as it sounds!
Toni Martinez
C19: 3-5
What comes before part B? Par-tay! Abuelo’s Birthday: Math Modeling in the Real World
Rebecca Edelman
C20: 3-5 (FULL)
Group Worthy Mathematical Tasks
Beatriz Santacruz
C21: K-5 (FULL)
Pop, Play, STEM! Building Pringles Can Race Cars to Increase Student Engagement
Kelly Blankenship (STEMAZing)
C22: K-2 (FULL)
Subitize This!
Lindsey Mellen
C23: K-8
How Number Talks Create a Mathematical Community
Elisabeth Bankhead
C24: General(FULL)
Authentic, Meaningful Writing in the Math Classroom
Tara Guerrero
C25: General
Come On, Get Active
Julie Groce
C26: General
Twelve Commandments for Evaluating Any Numerical Result
Jason Makansi
Reasoning Routines that Stick: Promoting Learning that Lasts
Jane Gaun
C28: General
More than "just" mathematics: Using media artifacts as invitations to engage with local and global contexts
Lynette Guzman
D Sessions: 11:00-11:50am
D01: 6-12(FULL)
Fostering High Math Achievement for All Secondary Students: Practical Help Differentiating Instruction
Harold Campbell
It’s about the numbers! The role of social justice and human rights in the STEM classroom
Chadd McGlone
D03: Leadership + Coaching (FULL)
Supporting Lesson Design with Instructional Rounds
Mona Toncheff
D04: K-5 (FULL)
Mathematical Superheroes: Create a Justification League in Your Classroom
Marcy Wood
D05: K-2 (FULL)
Harmonizing Problem Solving and Place Value in pK-2: Classroom Strategies that Really Work
Kimberly Rimbey
D06: General
NCTM Grants and Scholarships from the Mathematics Education Trust
Linda Fulmore
D07: 3-8 (FULL)
Kids Love Fractions!
Marcos Davila
D08: 9-12
Addressing Equity Using Collaborative Learning that Works
C. Billy Campbell
D09: 6-8
Teaching Math: Insights from an after-school program
Nishaan Ponnuru
D10: General
Desmos Make Your Own Activities
Sharon Newman
D11: 11-12, CC
Data Collection Activities for the Calculus Class
Bruce MacMillan
D12: 6-12
Seeing is Believing - STEM Activities with the TI-Nspire™
Betty Gasque
Fractions ARE FUN! Really!
Janelle Chisholm
D14: General
Experience A Multiple Representation Tool for All Grades- Easy to Use and Adapt for Diverse Students
Nora Ramirez
D15: General (FULL)
May I Have Your Attention PLEASE?!
Jenifer Hutchinson
D16: K-2
The MarbleOus Math Bonder
Thanaa Salloum
D17: K-5 (FULL)
Let Them Fail: Engaging Students in Productive Struggle
Sydney Scharer
D18: 3-5
Every Student Can Be a Problem Solving Detective
Agi Post
D19: 3-5
Math Modeling and Social Justice in South Tucson
Valerie Selden
D20: K-5
Progressions of Math Common Core Standards
Elizabeth Stevens
D21: 6-8
How does it grow? Patterns with purpose.
Sara Thompson
D22: 6-8 [CANCELED]
Using water to invert and multiply
Matthew Weber
D23: 6-8
Origami: A Dream Unfolded
Stephanie Rojas
D24: 6-12
Teaching With a Twist: Using Rubik’s Cubes in the Classroom.
Christina Loria
D25: 6-12
Math in a Minute
Linde Mohr
D26: 9-12
Sliders - They're not just for dinner
Dan Kennedy
D27: 6-12, CC
Calculus Live: Activities for ALL Ages and Stages
Deb Hughes Hallett
D28: 6-12, CC
Mathematical Theory Construction
Madhav Kaushish

Presenters and educators from our partnership schools and districts (see partners listed below) attend at no additional cost as long as registration is received by midnight Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Thank your school and district leadership for their continued support.

The registration fee for teachers from non-partner schools is $125.

Or, write a check or money order payable to University of Arizona. Write "MEAD Conference 2018" on the memo line. The check should be mailed to: 

Rodrigo Gutierrez

Department of Mathematics

University of Arizona

617 North Santa Rita

Tucson, AZ 85721-0089

(520) 621-6866

(520) 621-8322 (FAX)

Your session choices will be scheduled once payment is received. Some sessions fill quickly so we urge you to remit payment quickly.

Conference sessions will be in the Tucson High School Technology Building on the corner of 6th St. and Euclid Ave.
Parking is on the south side of the campus. Enter on 8th St.
Registration folders can be picked up in the cafeteria beginning at 7:00 AM.
Your name tag, session tickets, raffle tickets, lunch ticket, and Certificate of Attendance will be included in your folder.
Raffle Prizes will be on display in the cafeteria. Tickets must be deposited in chosen cups by the beginning of the 3rd session. Many prize winners will be announced at the end of the 3rd session.
Grand Prize winners will be announced at the luncheon. You must be present to win.
Continental Breakfast will be served in the lobby of the Technology Building beginning at 7:30 AM.
Vendors will have displays in the lobby.

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