Do The Math

Joe Chitwood and Kimberly Craft from the UA Channel proudly display the Do the Math segments which are now be available to all math teachers on You Tube.
Do the Math was a one hour weekly cable television show sponsored by the Center. It aired on the UA Channel. Do the Math segments are suitable for download and classroom use.

Every episode of Do the Math features local mathematics teachers explaining concepts students must master to pass AIMS, an exploratory problem presented by Dr. Fred Stevenson to challenge the mathematically motivated student, and a working professional who addresses how mathematics is used in his/her profession.
The show has been repackaged to appeal to teachers and parents. Producers have taken the best from the first two seasons and produced You Tube videos.
Click here for the YouTube segment list.

Dave Kukla from Sabino High School is one of the teachers featured in the Do the Math videos. Several outstanding teachers present problems and strategies for taking the high school AIMS test.