Teacher Workshop Schedule

Our mission is to support educators in their quest to provide quality instruction to elementary, middle school, and high school mathematics students. Some teachers have requested refresher high school level mathematics sessions to gain perspective regarding what their students will need to know for future courses. Some teachers want to see alternative ways to present particular topics. Teachers have requested support in using technology to enhance their lessons. In response to these requests, the Center for Recruitment and Retention is pleased to announce a series of teacher workshops. Our intent is to provide experiences to deepen mathematical understandings.

Space for each workshop is limited. You are encouraged to register as soon as possible. Priority is given to teachers from partnership schools and districts.

If you have questions about the workshops, or if you have trouble using the registration forms, please contact Ginny Bohme.

Fall 2015 Workshops

Investigating Middle Grades Mathematics:
Explorations in Ratio, Proportionality, Algebra, and Probability

Click here for the flyer describing the Investigating Middle Grades Mathematics seminars.

This unique opportunity is available to our partnership teachers.

Teachers will explore the big ideas of ratios, proportions, functions, and probability through mathematics specific content and pedagogy . Teachers will explore connections like:

  • ratios and fractions are overlapping sets,
  • proportional reasoning is complex and involves understanding equivalent ratios,
  • functions' rates of change related to their type,
  • multiple function representation, and
  • modeling probability likelihood and the counter intuitive nature of probability
    Teachers will develop problem solving formative assessments that they will use with students, analyze student responses, and present their findings, new understandings, and actions taken during the final session, an Outcome-Sharing Symposium.

    Presenters:       Melissa Hosten and Ginny Bohme, CRR Co-Directors
    Date:               Mondays- 9/21, 9/28, 10/19, 10/26, 11/2, 11/9, 11/16, 11/30, 12/7 and 12/14, 2015
    Time:             5:15 PM-7:15PM This is a change as of Oct 16.
    Location:       Room 849 of the Gould Simpson Bldg This is a change as of Oct 16.
    Earn:               Up to 30 hours of professional development credit for re-certification.

    Click here to register for the Investigating Middle Grades Mathematics workshop.

    HEMS Planning & Assessments In Algebra I

    Description: Assessments are the pinnacle of our in-class units and the basis for most of the grade that our students receive. But I wonder - how carefully do we think about the assessments we give? How intentional are we about the format? The wording of our questions? How well a question can isolate a particular skill (or synthesizes multiple skills)? Are these things that we do with intention, or are they things that happen as an afterthought (or without any thought)? The goal of this seminar is to make assessment less of an arbitrary decision and more of an intentional part of our practice. We will discuss ways in which assessments can be a tool for learning in the classroom and our own unit planning, how to create tangible questions that target our sometimes intangible standards, and strategies to make sure students are prepared leading up to an assessment and how to react when they miss the mark. I'll be bringing several assessments of my own from Algebra I for us to discuss - participants are encouraged to bring their own assessments to improve or share or brag about.

    Presenter:       Daniel Schneider, Amphitheater Unified School District
    Date:             Saturday- October 24, 2015
    Time:             8:15 AM-12:30PM
    Location:       Gould Simpson Building Room 849
    Earn:             4 hours of professional development credit for re-certification.
    You will be notified by October 16 if you are selected for this workshop. Participants from partnership schools/districts will be paid a $25 stipend for their active participation thanks to the generous donation from Arthur and Lee Herbst. Because it is a specially-funded event, we will attempt to have proportional representation from our partner schools and districts.

    Click here to register for HEMS Workshop- Planning & Assessments In Algebra I.html.

    Workshop for K-5


    Presenter:     Marta Civil
    Date:             Tuesdays - November 17, 24, and December 1, 2015
    Time:             5:15 - 7:15 PM
    Location:       Gould Simpson Bldg (1040 E. 4th St) room 849
    Earn:             6 hours of professional development credit for re-certification.

    Teachers in our partnership districts and schools (listed below) may attend at no cost. Others may register for $90 for the 6 hour workshop. Payment is due at the beginning of the session. Checks may be written to The University of Arizona. This is not considered a tax-deductible donation since it is a payment for services rendered.

    Registration will be available in mid-October.

    Spring 2016 Workshops

    Moving Beyond Counting Strategies to Improve Students' Conceptual Understanding of Addition and Subtraction

    Students have become too reliant on counting g strategies. In order to use more advanced strategies students need apply their number sense. This session will focus on how to help your students move beyond counting in order to fluently and efficiently add and subtract. We will explore hands-on manipulatives, games and problems that will help students model and explain their thinking on the road to mastery.
    This workshop is intended for teachers in grades K-2.

    Presenter:     Allison Davis
    Date:             Saturday - April 23, 2016
    Time:             8:30 AM- 12:30 PM
    Location:       TBA
    Earn:             4 hours of professional development credit for re-certification.

    Registration will be available in March.

    The following districts/schools maintain a partnership with the Center.


    Altar Valley School District
    Amphitheater Public Schools
    Benson Unifed School District
    Catalina Foothills School District
    Flowing Wells Unified School District
    Marana Unified School District
    Sahuarita Unified School District
    Santa Cruz Valley Unified School District
    Sierra Vista Unified School District
    Sunnyside Unified School District
    Tanque Verde Unified School District
    Tucson Unified School District
    Vail Unified School District


    City High School
    Salpointe Catholic High School
    San Miguel High School
    The Gregory School

    We appreciate any suggestions you have for additional workshops.

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